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Happy Hour- M-F 3-7pm


  HOUR *  3-7pm

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11am - 2am Monday - Friday

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9 am -2am

Our Family

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TIMES 3 is here!!! We've have our bar/ restaurant for 5 years, located on 67th and Happy Valley in Peoria. .

Perhaps you are sitting there wondering why our sports grill is called “Times 3”? The story is simple, rather short- but with some twists and turns along the way. It all began in 2002 when Natalie Frilot and Don Frilot- “Father Don” as his daughters like to call him, moved to the Westside of Phoenix, Arizona.  A few years later, daughters Roxanne, Nicole and Anna followed to “The Grand Canyon State”.  After a couple of years in Phoenix, the three girls started a restaurant-marketing company called Times Three Marketing and Events as we have been in the business for 10+ years.  You may be asking yourself again, why Times Three (3)? 
Well the answer is fairly simple:  Roxanne and Nicole are identical twins.  Anna is 18 months younger.  But you could never tell, as we all have almost-identical semblance to one another.   Some days Roxanne looks like Anna; other days Nicole looks like Anna.  But MOST days we ALL look alike.  So there you have it! 
After a short but successful stint with their marketing company, the three desired to expand the business to include their dad and step mom.  After much talk, all came to a conclusion that neighborhood sports grill could be the answer.  As much experience as the gals had in this industry; and as successful as Don and Natalie experienced in their own companies, they all decided to partner in their first family business. 
​ In the early fall of 2011, as luck would have it, they found their spot!  With a flourishing business on 67th and Happy Valley, the time came to begin a new endeavor! Open a new restaurant! They are now happy owners of a new Times 3 Sports Grille South.   With that said, HERE WE ARE!!!  -  Welcome to  Times 3 Sports Grille.