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We currently have two locations! Our first location is our "North" restaurant, located on 67th and Happy Valley in Peoria. We are SO SO excited to have our NEW location on Union Hills between the 101 and 83rd ave. in Glendale.

Perhaps you are sitting there wondering why our sports grill is called “Times 3”? The story is simple, rather short- but with some twists and turns along the way. It all began in 2002 when Natalie Frilot and Don Frilot- “Father Don” as his daughters like to call him, moved to the Westside of Phoenix, Arizona.  A few years later, daughters Roxanne, Nicole and Anna followed to “The Grand Canyon State”.  After a couple of years in Phoenix, the three girls started a restaurant-marketing company called Times Three Marketing and Events as we have been in the business for 10+ years.  You may be asking yourself again, why Times Three (3)? 
Well the answer is fairly simple:  Roxanne and Nicole are identical twins.  Anna is 18 months younger.  But you could never tell, as we all have almost-identical semblance to one another.   Some days Roxanne looks like Anna; other days Nicole looks like Anna.  But MOST days we ALL look alike.  So there you have it! 
After a short but successful stint with their marketing company, the three desired to expand the business to include their dad and step mom.  After much talk, all came to a conclusion that neighborhood sports grill could be the answer.  As much experience as the gals had in this industry; and as successful as Don and Natalie experienced in their own companies, they all decided to partner in their first family business. 
​ In the early fall of 2011, as luck would have it, they found their spot!  With a flourishing business on 67th and Happy Valley, the time came to begin a new endeavor! Open a new restaurant! They are now happy owners of a new Times 3 Sports Grille South.   With that said, HERE WE ARE!!!  -  Welcome to  Times 3 Sports Grille.



  HOUR *  3-7pm

$3 Wells

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